10 Unique Ideas to Make Your Elopement Day Special

When you choose to elope, you can make your day completely your own. That’s the beauty of elopements! There’s no pressure to meet other people’s expectations or do something just because it’s “tradition.” Eloping gives you the freedom to do things your way, whatever way that may be. There are sooo many ways to make your elopement day uniquely your own. If you’re looking to make your elopement day in Oregon, Hawaii, or beyond even more special by honoring who you are as a couple, here are ten unique ideas to inspire you!


1. Book a rad Airbnb

Picture waking up beside your partner in a cozy A-frame cabin tucked away in the woods or getting ready as you listen to the sound of ocean waves crashing against the coastline. Whether you want to elope on a mountain peak or along the shore, renting an amazing Airbnb is a perfect way to make your elopement day even more special.


Fortunately, there is no shortage of incredible Airbnbs to choose from, whether you plan to elope in the Oregon wilderness or on the beaches of Maui. Whether you book a place for just a night or a long weekend, you can use the Airbnb for capturing amazing getting ready photos, celebrating after your ceremony, or just snuggling up for the night and enjoying your time as newlyweds. Rustic cabins, forest lookout towers, treehouses, beach cottages, or even just a tent—the options are truly endless!



10 unique ideas to make your elopement day special


2. Plan a fun activity

What better way to celebrate your marriage than doing something fun together as a couple? Get adventurous on your elopement day by incorporating a fun activity you and your partner will never forget. Here are a few ideas:


    • Rock climbing: Get your adrenaline pumping with a rock climbing excursion and conquer a climb together.
    • Hot air balloon: Take in the sights with a hot air balloon ride and enjoy your newly-eloped bliss from 1000 feet above. Don’t forget to pack a bottle of champagne to celebrate!
    • Hot springs: Relax and unwind in nature’s own luxurious spa by taking a dip in a hot spring. Oregon has some amazing hot springs like Umpqua Hot Springs in southern Oregon and Terwilliger Hot Springs in Willamette Valley.
    • Hiking: Take in the beauty of your surroundings with a peaceful hike through nature. There are virtually endless hiking trails throughout Oregon and Hawaii.


There are so many unique and fun activities you can do together to make your day even more unforgettable.


10 unique ideas to make your elopement day special

3. Bring your fur babies

One sure way to make your elopement day even better? Bring your fur babies along for the adventure! After all, they’re a part of the family. Get them dressed for the occasion by adding a flower arrangement, fun bandana, or cute bow tie to their collar. Plus, fur babies make the perfect elopement guests since they’re pretty much always down for an adventure and just happy to be by your side.


10 unique ideas to make your elopement day special

10 unique ideas to make your elopement day special

4. Share a special meal

After you’ve said your vows and had an epic elopement ceremony, one of the best ways to end the day is by sharing your first meal together as newlyweds. Hire a private chef and spend your evening indulging in an amazing 5-course meal made just for the two of you. Or if you prefer something a little more hands-on, take a private cooking class and learn how to make a new dish together. When you elope, there’s really no wrong way to do it. Hey, if all you want is a burger and fries from your favorite fast food joint or a milkshake from the local diner, that’s totally fine too!


10 unique ideas to make your elopement day special


5. Pack a picnic 

Speaking of meals, how about a meal with a view? You eloped somewhere epic so why not share a meal together there too! Packing a picnic is the perfect way to end your elopement day and take a moment to soak it all in. Charcuterie boards are a great option since cured meats, cheeses, fruit, and crackers won’t need to be cooked.


Keep it simple by packing a blanket or camp chairs or go all out and hire someone to take care of it all for you. And don’t forget a bottle of wine or champagne to toast with! Just remember to leave no trace behind. If you pack it in, don’t forget to pack it out. We want to keep this special spot as perfect as we found it!



10 unique ideas to make your elopement day special

6. Getaway in style

You may not be making a grand entrance to a reception but you can most certainly make a grand exit! After you’ve officially tied the knot, why not make an epic getaway? Try one of these unique ideas for an elopement getaway:


    • On the trail: Take a horseback ride and ride off into the sunset as newlyweds.
    • From the air: Fly off in a private helicopter or prop plane and soak in the sights from above.
    • On the road: Off-road with a jeep or roll the top down in a classy convertible.
    • In the snow: Eloping in snow country? Hop on a snowmobile or ski down a freshly powdered trail.
    • From the water: Jump in a speed boat, hop on a paddleboard, or row away in a canoe or kayak.


Wherever you choose to elope, there are plenty of unique ways to get away in style.


10 unique ideas to make your elopement day special

7. Hire a unique vendor

Just because you’re eloping, doesn’t mean you can’t hire other vendors. You may already have a photographer, florist, and hair and makeup artist lined up, but what about adding another vendor into the mix? Still want to walk down the “aisle” to a romantic song or share a first dance? Hire a musician like a violinist or guitarist to play music during your ceremony or hire a full-out band to give you a private concert after you elope.


Looking for a way to remember this day forever (aside from photographs of course!)? Hire a local artist to paint a picture of you and your partner during your elopement ceremony or enlist a videographer to capture your day on video. There are so many talented and creative vendors you can work with to make your day even more special.


10 unique ideas to make your elopement day special

8. Incorporate loved ones

Whether you’re planning to elope just the two of you or alongside a few of your closest family and friends, finding a way to incorporate your loved ones can make your day even more memorable. Ask loved ones to write you letters or send you postcards with well wishes that you can read on the day of your elopement. Or instead of writing, ask them to send you video messages that you can watch. You can even ask a friend or hire someone to compile them all into one video that you can rewatch and cherish forever.


10 unique ideas to make your elopement day special

9. Start a tradition

Your elopement day signifies your first day as a married couple. To honor that, why not make it another first by starting your own tradition? Every year on your anniversary you can relive that moment and share in the tradition you created. Maybe every year you hike a new mountain or explore a new place together. Or maybe you can plant a tree or recreate the meal you shared on your wedding night. Not only is this a unique way to make your elopement day more special, but it’ll be something you can share again and again and even pass down for generations to come.


10 unique ideas to make your elopement day special

10. Make it uniquely you

How can you make your elopement day uniquely special? While we’ve already gone over a few great ideas, there’s one idea that takes the cake—making your day uniquely you! After all, it is your elopement day. What do you and your partner love to do together? If you could spend the most perfect day together, how would you spend it? What epic adventures are on your bucket list as a couple? By asking yourself these questions, you’re sure to come up with even more unique ways to make your elopement all that you’ve imagined and more—a beautiful, adventurous, and unforgettable day.


10 unique ideas to make your elopement day special


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