Swimming with Dolphins . Hawaii Photographer

I hopped over to the Big Island last week to shoot a family session.  Stay tuned for the photos from the sweet Pine Family. :)  

I decided to stay for a couple of days and explore since I had never been there before.  I love snorkeling, so headed south of Kona to Honaunau Bay.  Everyone said it was the best snorkeling on the island, so off I went!  

When I arrived, there were a bunch of folks huddled in one area, so I headed over to check out what they were looking at.  As I swam over a spinner dolphin shot out of the water into the air spinning around like 5 times!  Everyone cheered!  It was awesome.  The dolphin swam through the crowd of people checking us out and jumping into the air every now and again.  My heart was racing.  I am obsessed with dolphins.  It has always been a life long dream of mine to swim with them.  Well, my dream certainly came true!  The first dolphin disappeared into the blue abyss.  I hovered there waiting for it to reappear again.  Then, about 40 feet below a dozen dolphins slowly swam by.  I couldn't believe my eyes.  Another dolphin came to the surface for air and slowly swam towards me.  I could have touched him we were so close!  It was a special moment, indeed.

I was in the water with them for a couple of hours.  I had a hard time leaving, but was freezing cold by now, so decided it was time to head back to shore.  I've been on a dolphin high ever since.  Such a life changing experience.  Feeling so blessed to spend some time with these intelligent creatures.  Loving life!!! :)

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