Swimming with Dolphins . Hawaii Photographer

I hopped over to the Big Island last week to shoot a family session.  Stay tuned for the photos from the sweet Pine Family. :)  

I decided to stay for a couple of days and explore since I had never been there before.  I love snorkeling, so headed south of Kona to Honaunau Bay.  Everyone said it was the best snorkeling on the island, so off I went!  

When I arrived, there were a bunch of folks huddled in one area, so I headed over to check out what they were looking at.  As I swam over a spinner dolphin shot out of the water into the air spinning around like 5 times!  Everyone cheered!  It was awesome.  The dolphin swam through the crowd of people checking us out and jumping into the air every now and again.  My heart was racing.  I am obsessed with dolphins.  It has always been a life long dream of mine to swim with them.  Well, my dream certainly came true!  The first dolphin disappeared into the blue abyss.  I hovered there waiting for it to reappear again.  Then, about 40 feet below a dozen dolphins slowly swam by.  I couldn't believe my eyes.  Another dolphin came to the surface for air and slowly swam towards me.  I could have touched him we were so close!  It was a special moment, indeed.

I was in the water with them for a couple of hours.  I had a hard time leaving, but was freezing cold by now, so decided it was time to head back to shore.  I've been on a dolphin high ever since.  Such a life changing experience.  Feeling so blessed to spend some time with these intelligent creatures.  Loving life!!! :)

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The School Sessions . Making A Difference

Jamie Delaine (a super rad photog that's been inspiring me for years) contacted me a couple of days ago about her new project, The School Sessions.  I was immediately touched by the heartfelt story.  I've always wanted to help make a difference through my photography, but was never quite sure how.  I've had ideas swimming around my head for years now.  Helping needy people around the world, helping animals in need of care, saving the environment. :)  Jamie and her husband, Randy, are passionate about helping others and have wanted to make a difference in this world, as well.  Acting on this desire, The School Sessions was born.  Their efforts and mission to help others is incredibly inspiring and touches my heart deeply.

"The School Sessions is a one-day event across the globe on Sunday, April 12, 2015 to raise $200,000 to build a school in Haiti. Portrait photographers can sign up online to photograph one (or more!) portrait sessions and donate 100% of fees to The School Sessions."

I will be donating as many mini sessions (families, couples, or whateva!) as I can book on April 12th!  100% of all session fees will be donated to the The School Sessions!  Contact me and book your mini session today!

Maui Mini Session . $275
30 minute photo shoot
30 edited digital images with printing rights

"$200,000 will buy land and build a ten-classroom school for 220 students. The previous building was destroyed by the 2010 earthquake and these children (ages 3 to 16) are in need of a earthquake and hurricane-proof school to learn and grow."

"By empowering hundreds of photographers across the world with a simple way to give back, together we will meet our goal.  Join us in Making Haiti’s Future Bright."

I'm thrilled to be a part of this meaningful project.  I look forward to making a positive impact for these precious children with YOU! :)

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A quick trip to Kauai . Kauai Photographer

Last week I island hopped over to Kauai to shoot a lovely elopement at Shipwrecks Beach, annnd have a little fun time with my man. :)  

Nickie & Rudy were awesome, sweet, fun, down to earth, and totally rocked my camera.  I'm super excited to share the images from their Kauai elopement soon!

I am absolutely in LOVE with Kauai.  It's lushness is intoxicating.  Mountains, rivers, waterfalls, jungles, big trees, open fields, and a mellow vibe.  I would be perfectly happy to travel there as much as possible, so if you're getting hitched on me! :)  I'm more than happy to fly over for a quick trip.

Kauai's north shore sucks me in every time.  I totally scored a super rad condo in Princeville with an EPIC view of Hanalei Bay, as you can see in the photo below. :) 

Here are a few snaps from the adventure.  Enjoy!

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