Leilani Farm Sanctuary . Volunteer . Maui Animal Photographer

A few days ago I volunteered at the Leilani Farm Sanctuary in Haiku.  It's a wonderful safe haven for animals that have been neglected, abused, or in need of a little love.  All of the animals live among each other.  It's a beautiful sight.  Chickens, kittens, donkeys, ducks, goats, bunnies, pigs, and even a young deer named Veronica.  It's located on a lush 8 acre farm nestled in the rainforest of the North Shore.  The sanctuary is a volunteer, non-profit organization dedicating it's existence to helping animals and spreading awareness to the community.

This rooster befriended me.  He followed me around as I walked through the farm taking photos of all the sweeties.  Such a beauty.So much soul in the eye of this donkey, named Lehua.  She lived a difficult life before finding peace at the farm.  Lehua had lived her life under the dark crawl space of a house, unable to graze and completely isolated from other animals.  What a horrible way to live.  Thank goodness she was saved!This young deer is Veronica.  She took a liking to me too and followed me around for a while.  She would walk right up to me and nuzzle her nose into my side asking for some loving, just like a puppy dog.  I couldn't believe it.  Such a sweetie.I loved the striped pattern on her back.  Cool, eh?Almost all of the animals liked to eat the bark off this downed tree.  It was good for me, because they would stay still for their photos! :)I swear this guy was smiling at me!  Do you see that little smirk?I would like to finish this post with one of my favorite sweeties from  the farm, Ella.  She is a young goat who loves her Mama.  As Laurelee was giving me a tour of the farm, Ella was right by her side just like a puppy.  She came when Laurelee asked her to and she even did some tricks on top of a tree stump.  She would jump up and spin in the air.  This girl is FULL of energy!

If you have time while visiting Maui definitely make a stop at the Leilani Farm Sanctuary.  Volunteer days are Monday and Wednesday mornings every week.  Tours are given Wenesdays at 4pm and Saturdays at 10am.  You can also become a sponsor for an animal or donate if you don't have time to volunteer.  I'm sure they would appreciate all the help they can get!