Manifest Your Destiny

Today I would like to share a personal post.  This is near and dear to my heart.  It's a simple poem that literally changed my life.  I want everyone to read this poem and practice what it preaches because I swear it will change your life too.  I know many people already believe in manifestation, but I know a lot of people that believe they can't really have what they want in life.  We all come up with excuses why it can't happen, but if you push all that negativity aside your life will blossom into that which you ultimately desire.  I was one of those people.  I didn't believe I could have what I really wanted.  I wasn't good enough.  It was too hard or impossible.  Eventually, I got sick and tired of living a life that I didn't really want.  My life wasn't horrible.  I just didn't feel fulfilled.  I was depressed.  I used to browse other photographer's websites and wish I had their life.  I would stay up late at night wishing and dreaming. I was also experiencing Vitamin D deficiency living in the Pacific Northwest.  I love Oregon.  It's beautiful with big trees, rivers, high mountains, and crystal clear lakes.  It truly is paradise.  Why would anyone want to leave?  Well, it's also very rainy and gray.  I needed more light.  I tried everything.  Vitamin D, light therapy, exercise, yoga.  Nothing worked.  My man was ready for a change too.  The newspaper industry was crashing under his feet and river rafting was only a couple months each year.  We wanted to move somewhere sunny and warm.  We were tired of the cold and gray.

So, we decided to move to Maui.  We thought we were crazy at first.  In fact, I think many people thought we were crazy.  When we first started developing the idea there were lots of naysayers and myths about living in Hawaii.  It even made us second guess our decision a few times.  But, we pushed through the negativity and started saving money for the move.  It's not cheap to move to an island!  Then we started job hunting.  We learned that most people won't hire you if you're still on the mainland, because there are lots of folks that say they're going to move to Hawaii and don't follow through.  I had a possible job with a photographer waiting for me, but it definitely wasn't 100%.  Garret couldn't find anything.  So, we decided to take a leap of faith and go for it.  We decided we would feel better going for it, see what happens, and possibly fail than never knowing if it would have worked out.

So, here we are about a year later.  I am a FULL TIME photographer.  Garret is a kayak/snorkel guide and writing his first novel.  I live in the sunshine surrounded by happy faces.  I swim in the warm ocean at least a couple times a week.  I work for a handful of amazingly talented photographers who are more generous than I could have imagined.  They teach me new skills and encourage me to develop my own business.

Below is the poem I have been referring to.  It was written by a sweet friend in Eugene, Oregon.  After reading this, something changed within me.  It struck a cord.  I began practicing what it said and my life changed before my eyes.  Read it.  Practice it.  Watch your life change.  One of the key things I would like to mention before you begin practicing this is to make sure you are in a place of gratitude before you send your wishes.  Do whatever you need to do to become centered.  Yoga, meditation, or exercise.  I usually practice one of these things, then I begin by saying everything I'm grateful for.  My loving family, my silly nieces, my man, my little kitty, my friends.  This always makes me smile and makes me feel good in my heart.  Once I feel I'm in a positive space I send out my wishes.  Then let the universe take over and the magic will unfold.  It may not happen immediately.  Some of my wishes took a year to develop, and I know some are still in the works.  So be patient, have a little faith, and have some fun with it!


The Alchemy of Manifestation  by Jessica McCallum                                  

The key to Manifest your dreams

I've found to be specificity

You may not think this needs to be

But if you try it you will see


If your vague with your designs

You won't be able to see the signs

The Universe won't understand

I've figured all this out first-hand


You have the power to Co-create

Imagine the details, have some faith

Exactly what you dream will come

So lay it out there and have some fun


Replace the word Want with Will

Those dreams of yours will be fulfilled

But do not doubt they will come true

For nothing happens if you do


Next Key is to Let It Go

For you never have full control

Further time in contemplation

Could impede your co-creation


Faith my friend is the final key

Trust in the Great Mystery

You WILL manifest your dreams

Once you've learned this Alchemy