Mount Rainier National Park Wedding | Washington Adventure Wedding Photographer

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this wedding was the ultimate non-traditional celebration.  chamonix and davey wanted their wedding day to be just like a day at the lake with friends and family.  and that's exactly what it was.  they're both musicians and love music festivals so they're wedding was music festival themed.  so fun.  camping, playing at the lake, music, dancing, yummy food, beers....enjoying life.  bathing suits and costumes were encouraged cuz why the heck not?  

their ceremony entrance was the coolest i've ever experienced.  the ceremony was on an island in the middle of bumping lake in mount rainier national park.  so, you could either swim, float, or hitch a boat ride to the ceremony.  chamonix and davey floated together on their favorite turtle floatie. :) the ceremony was nestled inside the fir trees on top of the lake island.  we all laughed and shed a few tears.  it was one of the sweetest ceremonies i've ever witnessed.  then we had super fun day on the lake!  it was a celebration to remember and i was so honored to be a part of it.  

what i learned from this wedding is your wedding day can be whatever you want.  you be you!

are you planning a non-traditional wedding in washington this summer?  i would love to be a part of it!  also available in oregon, california, utah, colorado, and everywhere.  traveling is my fave. :)
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