Sarah & Paul . Maui Wedding Photographer

Sarah and Paul eloped in Maui and didn't tell ANYONE.  It was a complete surprise to all of their family and friends.  I thought that was rad.  When Sarah first contacted me I had a good feeling about her.  She told me she was a fellow Pacific Northwesterner, so I knew we would get along fine.    

They showed up wearing Converse shoes on their wedding day.  I loved it.  I'm not a fancy kind of gal, so I could totally relate to their attire.  I'll probably be wearing flip flops (or bare feet!) at my wedding. :)  

Sarah and Paul were giggling and smiling during the entire ceremony.  It was great.  I think my cheeks hurt by the end of the evening because of smiling so much.  Their happiness was intoxicating.  I'm convinced that we would be friends if we lived in the same town.  They may think I'm crazy, but I could just tell they were my kind of peeps. :)  

Not only were they super happy and fun, but they were totally smitten for each other.  While I was editing their photos I could feel their love beaming through the computer screen.

Thank you sooo much for choosing me to be your Maui Wedding Photographer!!!  I wish you both a lifetime of happiness and love! :)

Wedding Coordinator - Leah of Island Wedding Memories
Minister - Kahu Kale Kaalekahi
Hair & Makeup - Sarah, the bride :)  She's also a blogger, photographer, and has a PhD in psychology.  A lady of many talents!

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