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Mississippi Family Photographer . Madison, MS

Mississippi Family Photographer

this family holds a special place in my heart.  my sister's family.  i've been taking their family portraits since my nieces were born, and this was probably the toughest shoot so far.  i was visiting them during the end of summer and it was hot.  like sweltering hot.  100 degrees with 100% humidity.  we were all dripping sweat by the end.  the girls are nine years old now too, which apparently means they act like teenagers already. ;)  we have a close relationship and i tend to be pretty silly with them, so i pulled out my magic tricks to get genuine moments. 

i travel to mississippi a few times a year to spend time with my family, and i'm always available for shoots while i'm there!  not based in mississippi?  i'm happy to stop anywhere along the way.  california, oregon, new mexico, and colorado are a few of my favorites. :)

here's what my sis had to say about her experience working with me :)

"In full disclosure I am Naomi's sister which makes me biased...BUT...I also am very discerning (a nice word for picky...just ask Naomi!). I have been so fortunate to have Naomi expertly capture our family since our triplets were born at just 25 weeks, 5 days. She did their very first professional shoot when they were 8 months old and one of our girls was STILL in the neonatal intensive care unit. She had to navigate around all kinds of wires and tubes and machines and of course did so with tremendous patience and grace. Our two surviving daughters are now almost 10 years old and they've gotten to that stage where let's just say they aren't quite as compliant as I would like them to be :) You know kids will push the boundaries and knowing their Aunt NoNo loves them with all their heart they take full advantage of that! Regardless of their behavior and the 100 degree temperature with about 2,000 humidity we have here in Mississippi, she made our most recent shoot relaxed and fun. What I saw as a less than perfect attempt to capture anything worth printing (thanks to my mischievious daughters), Naomi captured those split second moments when the twinkle in my daughters' eyes light up and when their REAL smile (not their awkward fake smile) shows up. 

I love my sister dearly and have been privileged to have had a front row seat over the course of her career to witness the blossoming of her talent. When you're around her, she simply exudes joy, not just happiness, but that full on "I love life, I love people, and I love this world" kind of joy and she shares it openly. Naomi is warm and compassionate and truly captures our stories with meticulous attention to detail, always finding ways to allow the beauty within each of us to explode off the photo."  ~ Keira Sorrells

do you live in mississippi or anywhere else in the US?  
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Maui Family Photos at Ironwoods Beach

this family was pure magic.  it was raining when they arrived for their session, and that is where the awesomeness began.  they didn't freak out or try to reschedule.  they said "oh well, let's go for it!"  i immediately knew they were special.  the kids were full of smiles and their parents let them play in the sand and splash in the waves.  i believe that is when the magic begins.  when the parents relax and let their kids be kids.  they went with the flow.  by the end we were all soaking wet, covered in sand, and grinning from ear to ear. :)  thank you sooo much beck family for contacting me to shoot your maui family photos.  i will cherish our time together in the rain.  

are you awesome like this family?  then i would love to connect with you!
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mississippi {june 25-july 9}
oregon {july 9-24}


Maui Family Photography . Horch Family

I met the Horch Family on a beautiful morning on Maui's west side.  Their little boy was the star of the show.  Oh my goodness, I could barely handle his cuteness!!!  Mom dressed him like a little catalog model.  So stinkin' cute! 

Thank you so much for choosing me for your Maui Family Photography session!  I hope to see you all next time you're on Maui! :)

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