Creative Bend Oregon Elopement at Sparks Lake

Bonnie and Jordan had planned the most incredible elopement weekend. They were all set to take a sunrise hike to the top of South Sister, Oregon’s third tallest mountain. They had planned an amazing camping weekend near Bend at Sparks Lake with some of their closest friends and family, complete with a taco food truck, margaritas, and brunch the next morning.


Unfortunately, things didn’t go exactly as planned. It was September and the devastating Oregon wildfires were spreading. The smoke from the fire was getting worse, and they were forced to cancel their original plans.


Most of their family had already arrived from all over the country and they were determined to get married. Instead of setting off to hike a mountain peak, we headed to a cave just outside of Bend where the air quality was much better, and they said their vows surrounded by close family. After the ceremony we headed to Sparks Lake to grab a few photos. The smoke was thick, but they still made the most of it—they even brought their own vintage gas masks!


Even though their initial plans didn’t work out, they didn’t let it stop them. They went with the flow and embraced all that mother nature threw their way. Planning an elopement doesn’t always go as planned, but in my experience, that’s the beauty of it. Ya can’t have the rainbows without the rain! No matter what the day brings, you’ll still have each other, and that’s really all that matters in the end.



After their ceremony in the cave we headed to Sparks Lake where they originally planned on having their wedding. We took some fun photos with their vintage gas masks and explored around the campground on the edge of the lake. I can’t wait to visit the lake again on a clear day. Normally you would see huge mountains surrounding the lake! It’s an incredible location near Bend for elopements and camping with family and friends.


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This is such an amazing shoot & location! You captured so many amazing shots and I’m so glad they weren’t affected too much by the smoke!

Haha those masks towards the end are the best ? This day looks so fun, amazing job capturing it!!

I love the cave idea! And what an amazing couple to go with the flow and embrace the smoked! It still looked like it was a joyous day!

OK cave wedding I see you. Honestly never even thought about that before but that is such a rad idea! you got so many cool shots.

Hi fives, laughter and gas masks- the hat more could you ask for in an elopement? Seriously though, what a gorgeous and resilient couple. May they have many years of joy and adventure ❤️

OMG what a unique location!! These are so amazing and I’m so glad they still got to have such a fun time despite changing plans!

That ceremony spot in the cave is so unique! I bet it was incredibly difficult to shoot in but your photos look amazing from it! Perfect balance of light and dark.

That smoke we had here in Oregon was no joke! I’m glad they were able to roll with it and even have a bit of fun, too! These are definitely moments to remember.

What troopers. I love when couples embrace what the day brings instead of fixating on any small thing that went wrong or not to plan . They look so happy!!And that’s what’s important. Beautiful images of a beautiful story!

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