Maui Engagement Session | Hawaii Wedding Photographer

Lilly and Ryan visit Maui every year, so it holds a special place in their heart.  they even bring their sweet pup, named Maui with them so they couldn’t imagine their engagement session without her.  living on an island i don’t have the opportunity to photograph many puppy dogs, so this was such a treat.  Maui was such a little angel.  she made the shoot so special. 🙂

towards the end of their session they spontaneously decided to get in the water.  i just love it when my clients have fun and surprise me like that!  it becomes more of an experience and not just a portrait session.  that is my ultimate goal.  i want your session to be a time to cherish each other, have fun, and forget the camera is there.  lilly and ryan embodied that vision.  thank you so much for such a fun evening you two. 🙂  huge congrats on your engagement!

are you spontaneous?  i would love to meet you!
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A picture perfect Maui engagement session, love the black and white photos!

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