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Madison and Ethan live in McKenzie Bridge, Oregon in a cabin along the glorious McKenzie River.  Talk about a dream home!  We woke up early and stopped at the McKenzie Bridge store for hot coffee and some grub.  Then we headed up the mountain to Proxy Falls for some waterfall adventuring with their pups.  I always recommend bringing your dogs along for the adventure because dogs are just the best and make everything more fun!  It’s a pretty quick hike into the falls and the trail changes throughout making it a great location for an Oregon adventure elopement.


The trail starts in a lava field with trees growing out of the rock and then melts into a thick old growth forest.  We were there in October so the leaves were changing and the air was crisp.  We froze our asses off and got sprayed pretty good from the falls but it was sooo worth it!  It’s all about the experience.  Whether it’s sunny, raining, or freezing cold embrace it.  I’m prepared to shoot in all weather conditions and always recommend to be prepared for anything!  Ya can’t have the rainbows without the rain and sometimes it’s just really freakin cold like it was on this hike, but it created some really sweet moments for the two of them to keep each other warm.


It was an invigorating morning hike and the light was just right, and we were the only ones on the trail.  Arriving early is a must and since we were there in October there weren’t as many tourists.  It was chilly, but definitely worth it to have a more private experience. Check out my recent post “The 5 Best Locations to Elope in Oregon” to read more information about this area, places to stay, best time of year to visit, and things to do while you’re visiting!  I’ll be heading to Oregon in June this year and staying through the fall months, so definitely hit me up if you’re planning an elopement or intimate wedding!


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Woooow these are so pretty! Looks like a magical day, and I love her dress!

All the green! These are incredible!

Wow! Proxy falls looks like a dream destination for an adventurous elopement. Really love your tones and I have enjoyed the double exposure pictures. Forrest elopements give lots of amazing sceneries to create beautiful pictures. You have nailed it here!

Ohhhhhhhhh so dreamy. And they brought the dogs! I love this set of images, and can almost feel the water drops in the air

Love that they brought the dog! What a dreamy day. And that double exposure is RAD.

So many amazing images, what a great place to elope!

What an awesome place and beautifull photos!

What an amazing place for an elopement! This couple is stunning and these images are magical!

I love her dress! Water falls are such a dreamy elopement location.

I’ve always wanted to go to Proxy Falls! This adventure is so dreamy, and the two fo them fit right in to the gorgeous scenery!

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