redwood national park adventure elopement with wedding photographer naomi levit


An epic elopement experience that will deepen your relationship with each other and the earth.

adventurous smith rock elopement with oregon wedding photographer naomi levit

HEY! I'm Naomi and I'm your Redwoods elopement photographer and new friend!

I am super passionate about intimate weddings and adventure elopements in Redwoods National Park and want to be there to support you in this decision. My husband and I eloped on a beach in Hawaii with our family and it was perfect. It was sweet and simple and in line with our core values. We're both pretty laid back and value experiences rather than stuff, so having a small wedding was perfect for us. Focusing my energy on smaller weddings gives me an opportunity to get to know my clients on a deeper level and it leaves a lighter footprint on the earth!

redwood national park adventure elopement with wedding photographer naomi levit

Why I care about Redwood National Park Adventure Elopements

I believe that by focusing on small, intimate weddings and adventure elopements in Redwood National Park we're doing our part to simplify, minimize the waste, and reconnect with our planet. I've photographed a lot of big weddings over the years, but it always felt like there was a disconnect between what was important on the day. My couples didn’t have time to visit with their family and friends and the amount of waste produced was staggering. Your wedding day is meant to be enjoyed! I believe humans will need to adapt in order to survive on this planet and that we are moving back to a simpler way of life, so that WE can thrive. Let’s be a part of the positive shift together.

redwood national park adventure elopement with wedding photographer naomi levit

Redwood National Park Adventure Elopement Planning

I am not just your Redwood National Park elopement photographer! I am your California tour guide, planner, and new friend. I am here to help you every step of the way with planning assistance, location suggestions, vendor recommendations, and more. Not only will you be marrying your partner in an epic location in Redwood National Park, but you will have a life changing experience! I will help you every step of the way.

I have limited availability for Redwoods elopements and small weddings in 2024! CONTACT ME TODAY before I get booked!

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About Redwood National Park

Home to the tallest trees in the world, Redwood National Park is simply magical. Located along the coast of Northern California, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is unique in that it actually consists of four parks co-managed with the state of California. The parks include Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park, Del Norte Coast Redwoods State Park, Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park, and Redwood National Park—each memorable in their own way.


With towering trees, vast prairies, winding rivers, and 40 miles of rugged coastline, Redwood National Park is an unforgettable elopement destination. Standing beneath the 2000 year old trees as they reach over 300 feet above, you’ll be in awe of the beauty that surrounds you. If you’ve ever dreamt of running away together to a majestic, far-away forest to elope, Redwood National Park is the place for you.

Weather in Redwood National Park

The weather in Redwood National Park is often cool and wet with much of the rain falling between October and April. Temperatures are generally consistent year-round fluctuating between the mid-40s and low 60s. Winters are cool and rainy, while summers are drier and warmer.

Getting to Redwood National Park

The closest major airports to Redwood National Park are San Francisco International Airport (SFO), Sacramento International Airport (SMF), and Portland International Airport (PDX). From San Francisco and Sacramento, it’s about a 5.5 hour drive to the park. From Portland, it’s around a 6.5 hour drive. Alternatively, you can fly into the Eugene Airport (EUG) located near Oregon’s central coast. From Eugene, it's a 5 hour drive to the park. The closest airport to fly into is Medford Airport (MFR) in southern Oregon, which is a 3 hour drive to Redwood National Park. These airports often require a layover in San Francisco or Portland if you’re coming from further away but are still good options!

Things To Do In Redwood National Park

The top activities to do in Redwood National Park

Take a scenic drive – Spend time driving through old-growth forests and along dramatic coastlines. Check out these scenic byways to take in all the beauty Redwoods has to offer: Avenue of the Giants, Lost Coast Loop, and Newton B. Drury Scenic Parkway. Be sure to make plenty of stops along the way (keep reading for a few favorites!).

Hike among the redwoods – Get up close to these spectacular trees and immerse yourself in their magic. There are so many amazing hiking trails throughout all of the Redwoods parks. A few of my favorite trails include Lady Bird Johnson Grove Trail, Tall Trees Trail, Stout Grove Trail, and Boy Scout Tree Trail.

Sleep beneath a forest canopy – One of the best experiences is camping among the gentle giants of Redwood National Park. A few of my favorite campgrounds in the area are Jedediah Smith Campground, Elk Prairie Campground, and Gold Bluffs Beach Campground. 

Elk watch in Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park – One of the most popular places to see herds of Roosevelt Elk. Hunted almost to extinction, conservation efforts have allowed the elk population to thrive and seeing these majestic wild animals in their natural habitat is a real treat. 

Explore Fern Canyon — Tucked away in Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park, walk this lush fern-covered canyon that follows a small creek, made famous by its appearance in The Lost World: Jurassic Park.

Where to Elope in Redwood National Park

The best adventure elopement locations in Redwood National Park

Keep in mind that the well-known, popular locations can be very busy with tourists which means your elopement won’t be very private. I’ve done a lot of adventuring in and around Redwood National Park and have found some secret spots, so definitely let me know if you’re interested in a more intimate location.

Jedediah Smith State Park

The northernmost park of all the Redwoods parks, Jedediah Smith State Park is made up of 10,000 acres of old-growth forest. Situated just a few miles inland from the Pacific Ocean, this park is home to seven percent of the world’s ancient redwoods. Become captivated by its beauty as you wander through canopies of dense, lush forest. Jedediah Smith State Park is the perfect place if you’re dreaming of an elopement surrounded by the enormous and breathtaking beauty of the redwoods.

Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park

About 25 miles south of Jedediah Smith State Park lies Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park. Prairie Creek is characterized by its open meadows, sandy beaches, giant redwoods, and the elk population that calls this park home. Perhaps best known for the iconic Fern Canyon, where you can walk along cascading canyon walls covered in a thick layer of ferns. From golden beaches to lush forests, Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park makes for a beautiful and memorable elopement destination.

Secret Beach

This hidden seaside gem is a dream elopement spot! Located along Oregon’s southern coast in Samuel Boardman State Park, this secret cove boasts dramatic sea stacks and a sandy shoreline. Although Secret Beach isn’t quite a “secret,” its secluded nature makes you feel as though you’ve stepped into another world. A short hike and a bit of scrambling will take you down to the sandy cove where you can say your “I dos” surrounded by towering cliffs and coastal spruce trees. If you love the moody feel of the Pacific Northwest coastline and are up for a little adventure, Secret Beach is the elopement location for you!

Natural Bridges

Just south of Secret Beach, you’ll find the breathtakingly beautiful Natural Bridges. Also located in Samuel Boardman State Park, these iconic natural arches are carved into the rugged sea cliffs that stand tall along the edge of the Pacific Ocean. From the viewpoint above, you can gaze out at the jaw-dropping views of this mysterious coastal wonderland. The incredible vistas and unique scenery make Natural Bridges a dream elopement destination.

Eloping in Redwood National Park – Frequently Asked Questions

• Where should I stay in Redwood National Park?

Redwood National Park is surrounded by quaint towns, cozy campgrounds, and plenty of unique and authentic vacation rentals. Some of the best towns to stay in include Crescent City, Brookings, Arcata, and Eureka. A few of my favorite places to stay near Redwood National Park include:

• Crescent City — Located along the northern California coast, Crescent City is the largest city near the Redwood Parks and the perfect home base, especially if you plan on visiting Jedediah Smith State Park, which is just a short drive up the road. Stay in this cute Airbnb bungalow just a few blocks from the ocean or cozy up in this Pebble Beach suite with ocean views.
• Brookings — Just north of the California state line, this coastal Oregon town is a great place to stay if you want to spend time in Samuel Boardman State Park and still be close to the Redwood National and State Parks. Stay at this stylish and modern bungalow or splurge on this private oceanfront cottage on a rocky peninsula.
• Eureka — South of Redwood National Park, you’ll find this lively coastal city situated along Humboldt Bay. The coastal California town is characterized by its unique Victorian architecture and eclectic culture with plenty of unique restaurants and shops to explore. Stay at this waterfront townhouse in Old Town or this modern studio guesthouse in the heart of the city.
• Arcata — Across the bay from Eureka sits the quaint town of Arcata. About 30 miles south of Redwood National Park and Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park, this town is a great place to stay if you’ll be frequenting those parks. Being a college town, it's also home to some cute coffee shops, boutiques, and restaurants. Stay in this charming Airbnb cottage or this cheery downtown home.
• Jedediah Smith State Park— If you want to stay close to town but still sleep beneath the stars, Jedediah Smith State Park is your spot. Just a 15 minute drive to Crescent City, pitch your tent at Jedediah Smith Campground or rent one of the park’s cabins.
• Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park — Not far from neighboring Redwood National Park, this state park is a beautiful place to stay if you’re interested in camping or renting a small cabin. Set up camp at Gold Bluffs Beach or Elk Prairie Campground or stay in one of the cabins at Elk Meadow in the heart of the park.

• What do I need to legally elope in Redwood National Park?

Make sure to bring along your signed marriage license. If you don’t live in California, you and your partner will need to apply for a marriage license at any of California’s county clerk's offices. Some counties may allow you to start this process online. To get your marriage license, you and your partner will each need to bring a government issued photo ID—either a driver’s license or passport will work. Some counties may also require your birth certificate. If you’ve been married previously, you’ll also need to provide proof of legal separation. Once you have your marriage license, you can elope immediately or wait, but the license is only valid for 90 days.

Although you can apply for a license in any California county, after you’re married you’ll need to submit the license to the same county that issued it. The cost of a marriage license in California ranges from $60 to $100 depending on the county.

In addition to your signed marriage license, you’ll need at least one witness (your photographer counts!) and an authorized officiant.

• What should I pack for my Redwood National Park elopement?

Aside from your wedding dress and attire, a rain-proof jacket or warm sweater is recommended since weather on the coast can be unpredictable. Hiking shoes or boots are usually a good idea for most locations - you can always change into different shoes for your ceremony. Some other fun ideas include a bottle of champagne and two glasses, a blanket or scarf, cute denim or leather jacket, and a clear umbrella in case of rainy weather.

• What is the best time of year to elope in Redwood National Park?

May through September are the best months to elope in Redwood National Park if you’re hoping for drier and slightly warmer weather. July and August are the driest months but may also bring coastal fog which is common in the summer. If you’re hoping to avoid summer crowds, September may be the best option since temperatures are still warm and rain chances are low.

• What day of the week is best to elope in Redwood National Park?

Since Redwood National Park is a popular place to escape to, the park is often busy during the weekends and holidays, especially in the sunnier months. For that reason, weekday elopements are usually best. With that being said, if you prefer to elope on a weekend, we can get creative with locations off-the-beaten-path to make it happen!

• When is the best time of day to elope?

The best time of day to elope is around sunrise or sunset. The light during these times makes for the most beautiful photos. Plus, many locations are less crowded during the early morning and late evening.


When I became a photographer I knew that I wanted to utilize my passion to make a positive impact in the world.  Throughout my career I have volunteered for non-profits but I want to do more.  I want to have a greater impact on our beautiful planet.  Nature is where I find my peace, joy and inspiration and I want my business to reflect my passion for the environment.    I am very excited about my partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects.  Eden reduces extreme poverty and restores healthy forests in Nepal, Madagascar, Haiti, Indonesia, Mozambique and Kenya by employing local villagers to plant millions of trees every year.  Fifty trees are planted for every shoot booked with Naomi Levit Photography.

“Working with Naomi was a dream. From the easy communication of planning our little intimate elopement ceremony at Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park, to the final edited gallery, my husband and I could not be more happy with our experience with her. She made us feel at ease during the whole shoot and offered her own expertise while listening to our preferences as well. A lovely professional photographer and person all around. Thank you, Naomi!”
– Emily + John