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In February, I attended an adventure wedding workshop in Yosemite National Park with The Hearnes and Maddie Mae.  Two of my favorite adventure photogs in the industry.  They inspire me daily.  I always enjoy attending workshops during slow season.  It’s a nice time to connect with other photographers, stay up to date on the latest business trends, and gain new inspiration.  Garret and I traveled to Yosemite a few years ago while we were road tripping along the west coast and Yosemite was my absolute favorite from the trip.  He literally had to pull me away I loved it there so much.  There’s just something about the energy there that mesmerizes me and makes me feel alive.

Megan and Zach drove all the way from Texas to model for us at the Adventurers Workshop.  It was so fun sharing this special place with them and seeing their eyes light up when they first saw the valley.  There are many reasons why I love shooting adventure elopements, but one of my favorites is sharing the experience with my clients.  I love taking people somewhere new and watching their jaws drop at the beauty.  I have a deep passion for the environment and I always hope that my photographs give people the same feeling I have when I’m there.  

Another one of my favorite aspects of shooting adventure elopements is that it’s a special time only the two of you share (and me, haha).  No stress about what color napkins you’ll have, who to invite, and how much money will be spent in one day.  It’s about the two of you, your love for each other, and doing that with nature as your backdrop.

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