5 Reasons Why Full Day Elopements are The Best

You’ve chosen to elope (yay!) and now it’s time to plan all the details, including what you want your elopement day to look like and how long you want it to last. Initially, you may be thinking that a few hours is plenty of time for an elopement. While it can be enough for some couples, I’m a huge proponent of full day elopements and I’m here to tell you why! Your elopement day deserves to be celebrated just as you would a traditional wedding, and full day elopements allow you to truly soak in all the magic of the day.


adventurous maui hawaii elopement in haleakalā national park

What is a full day elopement?

When looking for elopement photographers, you might notice that many offer several different elopement packages. Each photographer’s packages vary, but typically, you’ll see offer elopement packages with different hours of coverage. These packages can range anywhere from a few hours to even a few days. Full day elopements usually consist of 8-10 hours of coverage, allowing you to enjoy a full day of elopement bliss.


Is a full day elopement right for you?

A full day elopement might not be right for every couple, but it might be right for you! Full day elopements are best for couples that want a full day experience to capture getting ready photos at your Airbnb, a first look, adventuring in multiple locations, and anything else your heart desires!



adventurous maui hawaii elopement in haleakalā national park

What does a full day elopement look like?

If you’re wondering what a full day elopement might look like, check out this sample timeline to see an example of what your day could entail:


11:00am: I arrive at your Airbnb to capture getting ready photos of you and your partner, whether you’re getting ready together or separately. I’ll capture all the little details like your wedding dress, shoes, rings, vow books, and all the giddy anticipation before your ceremony.


12:00pm: We’ll head to a picturesque location around your Airbnb to capture your first look and some couples photos.


1:30pm: Time to head out for some adventure! We’ll hop in the car and drive to our first location for your elopement ceremony.


2:00pm: We arrive at our first location and take a short or moderate (depending on what you’re feeling!) hike to your ceremony location while taking tons of gorgeous photos along the way of course!


2:30pm: Once we get to your ceremony location, you’ll exchange your vows and say your “I dos.” I’ll capture all the sweet moments between the two of you.


3:00pm: You’ll officially be newlyweds and we’ll celebrate with some smiles and a bottle of champagne if that’s your kind of thing!


3:15pm: We’ll adventure around and explore the area while I take plenty of photos of your newly eloped bliss!


4:00pm: Next up, we’ll head to our next location! Perhaps a windswept beach or a high-up mountain top with stunning panoramic views. We’ll adventure around and take more beautiful photos of the two of you.


5:00pm: We’ll set up an intimate picnic so you can spend some quality time together while enjoying a charcuterie spread and maybe some more champagne. I’ll continue to take photos but also give you space to enjoy each other’s company and celebrate.


6:00pm: After your picnic, we’ll frolic around while the sun begins to set and capture some gorgeous sunset photos.


7:00pm: We’ll finish up the day and head back to your Airbnb where you can continue the celebration with family or friends or just enjoy a cozy night together.


Want to see what a full day elopement looks like in photos? Check out this moody full day elopement in Southern Oregon or this Redwoods National Park full day elopement to see what a full day elopement with me as your elopement photographer could look like!


moody full day elopement in the southern oregon coast

moody full day elopement in the southern oregon coast

moody full day elopement in the southern oregon coast

Why Full Day Elopements are The Best

I truly believe that full day elopements are the best way to celebrate your marriage. Just because you’re eloping, doesn’t mean your day should be anything short of amazing. With a full day elopement, you get to create an epic experience together that is uniquely you. When you choose a full day elopement, you can…


1. Capture the special in-between moments

There’s so much more to your elopement than just the ceremony. Of course, the ceremony will be magical as the two of you commit your love to each other, but it’s the little moments that matter too. The anticipation and excitement as you get ready, the way you feel when you slip into your wedding dress, the look on your partner’s face when they first see you, the laughs you share as you hike to the top of a cliff edge, the warmth and gratitude you feel as you watch the sunset over the ocean—these are the in-between moments you don’t want to miss, and with a full day elopement, you don’t have to.


2. Explore off the beaten path

One thing I love about elopements is that you can make them 100% unique to you. The day is yours and what you make of it is up to you and your partner. With a full day elopement, you get the entire day to celebrate your love together however you want to. Take a helicopter or hot air balloon ride, go snowboarding in the mountains, have a picnic while watching the sunset, go horseback riding. The options are endless and will create an epic start to your marriage that you’ll surely never forget!


3. You can visit multiple locations

When you choose to elope, the world is your oyster. You can elope among a grove of ancient redwoods, at the edge of a rocky cliff overlooking the ocean, beneath a gushing waterfall, or wherever your heart desires. Sometimes the most difficult part is choosing just one location. That’s why I love full day elopements! You don’t have to limit yourself to just one place. Instead, you can choose to visit two or even three beautiful locations. You can have your elopement ceremony on a secluded beach and then hike to a cliffside location for epic elopement photos. Full day elopements allow you to experience and enjoy multiple locations so you don’t have to choose just one!


4. Time to enjoy together and with friends and family 

Even though you’re eloping, you may be thinking of different ways you can include family and friends on your elopement day. The beauty of full day elopements is that you have time to spend together just the two of you, while also spending time with those who are most important to you. If you want to have an intimate ceremony with just the two of you and a celebration with family and friends afterward, you totally can! Or if you want to include a few special people in your ceremony and then whisk off to a remote spot where you can spend some quality time with your partner, you can do that too! With full day elopements, you have the time to do a little of each. 


5. You don’t have to rush

Your elopement day is meant to be easy, carefree, and flowing. I believe when we have more time to breathe, that’s when the magic happens. When you choose a full day elopement, you allow yourself that time to relax, be spontaneous, and be truly present in the moment with your partner. I believe your elopement day and your love deserve that. With more time, you have the space to take things slow and soak up every little moment of this special day.


oregon coast elopement at hug point and the majestic cliffside


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